Team Building Activities

Let us help you create a unique, memorable team building experience for your organization.  With space for up to 17 people in our ELIXIR classroom in San Francisco, we can accommodate groups as small as 8 people and as large as 17. If your group is 18 or larger, we can deliver the event onsite at your facility, at one of our offsite partner venues, in the hotel or conference center you are already meeting in, or at any other suitable location of your choice. We’ll make all the necessary arrangements and get your event booked quickly and efficiently so you can get back to the rest of your to do list!

Our events are completely customizable, because we know you have a budget to hit, a timeline to keep, and a variety of stakeholders to satisfy. We provide everything needed for your one-of-a-kind team building event.

Here are a couple of package outlines to give you an idea of how your event can take shape:

Creating Cocktails: A Competitive Team Building Activity (typical duration 2-3 hours)

• Interactive group activity with competition and prizes – The best option for REQUIRING interaction
• 1st session focuses on basic formulas, how flavors are built and the proper use of tools. You’ll learn the core formulas for the most popular mixed drinks, including both hands-on preparation with your own set of tools and/or demonstration by the instructor (depending on the pricing package you choose).
• 2nd session breaks the team into groups to create a cocktail, name it, and present it to the instructor for judging. The instructor evaluates each drink, its chances of survival on a bar menu, and the group’s presentation of it.
• The winning team is presented with a prize (of your design and purchase).
• Choice of three available packages to suit different budgets.

Mixology 101: Making Great Drinks At Home (typical duration 2-2.5 hours)

• This class is interactive, but the main focus is on each person learning their own skills
• Learn how to make better drinks at home and how to order better drinks while out
• Everyone has their own full set of bar tools and makes up to four cocktails on their own
giving everybody the opportunity to make and taste their own drinks
• All tools are used and explained as we make cocktails that demonstrate the formulas key to
understanding the grand lexicon of cocktail recipes.
• Questions are encouraged throughout and you can stay afterwards to enjoy your
drinks as we clean up. Additional time for socializing, meetings, or dining can also be scheduled.
• Ideal for entertaining clients or letting the team unwind together
• Choice of four available packages to suit different budgets.

* Low- and No-Alcohol Cocktails

Both the Creating Cocktails and Mixology 101 classes can be focused on drinks that utilize low-and/or non-alcohol ingredients to create delicious drinks in any environment. This is a rapidly expanding area of interest for people across the country.

Spirits Tasting: Exploring flavor, aroma and culture (typical duration 2-2.5 hours)

• Individually-focused, with interactive discussion and debate
• Spirits tastings can be focused on specific categories such as ‘Single Malt Scotch’, ‘Bourbon and Rye’, or ‘Highland Tequilas’ or more general categories like Whiskies, Cognac, and Rum – completely customizable to your group preference
• 6-8 glasses of a tasting are poured and served with complementing bites to highlight flavors and aromas
• Spirit history, culture and production methods are covered prior to a guided tasting
• A cocktail featuring the spirit is served as a welcome drink
• Making cocktails with the spirit is covered in the presentation

Why Cocktail Classes?

  • Educational & Fun
  • Culinary & Cultural
  • New & Different
  • Completely Customizable
  • Good For Both Drinkers & Non-Drinkers
Cocktail Class - Onsite Kabam

In-house Team Building Events

set classroom

Team Building Event hosted at Hotel Vitale

Cocktail Class - Waterbar Embarcadero

Offsite Team Building Events


Plan your unique, memorable Team Building event with us.