Online Mixology Classes

Learn the tools, techniques and terminology behind great cocktails… from the comfort of home!

Our Great Cocktails online classes are perfect for groups with varying amounts of cocktail experience. They provide the excitement of our popular Mixology 101 live events, condensed into time frames of 1 or 2 hours. As online events, they allow teammates and friends to meet across time zones in a truly interactive and fun manner. We will work with you to ensure your class is a unique event tailored to your particular needs. This is the most fun and memorable event you can have without meeting in-person.

Key topics include:

  • The history, preparation and diversity of four main formulas that a good majority of today’s cocktails
    are based on: the “Cocktail”, the “Sour”, the “Highball”, and the “Collins”
    (Drinks that represent these formulas include the Manhattan, Margarita,
    Moscow Mule, and Mojito)
  • Three core ways of preparing a drink and what those methods do for the drinks themselves
  • History and production details of each ingredient, including the roles they serve in the drinks
  • All tools, techniques, and terminology used in creating in these drinks
  • Tips on how to stock your home bar with the right tools, ingredients and glassware
  • Key concepts to consider when going cocktailing and spending your hard-earned money
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks or “Mocktails” – Most groups have one or more people who don’t drink
    alcohol, which is not a problem. Upon request, we can incorporate a focus on the creation and
    service of delicious non-alcoholic drinks that engages and includes everyone.

How it works

We offer the class in one hour or two hour sessions, with a choice of either two or four cocktails made in the chosen time frame. The two cocktails class will include a Manhattan and a Margarita, which covers an in-depth look at all of the ingredients, tools, techniques and terminology of these two drinks. The four cocktail class features four cocktails (Moscow Mule, Manhattan, Margarita, Mojito). The one hour, four cocktail class is a fast paced class focused on making the cocktails, with less in-depth information. The two hour, four cocktail class allows a slower pace, with more time for in depth information, discussion, laughs, questions. And getting the ingredients to your guests is easy! We can supply your San Francisco Bay Area attendees with ingredient kits via our Elixir Delivery service, or we can supply them nationally via our partnership with who provide a legal shipping service. There are multiple options we will review with you while booking your event.

Call. email our fill out a form on our Plan an Event Page so we can get started planning your Online Mixology Class

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