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Yes, Elixir To Go will go ANYWHERE!

We have pricing minimums on our classes that are based on 8 people, but we’ll serve just one person, if you have the budget! Want us to serve a festival of thousands? We’ll be happy to help you pull that off. We have executed all sizes of events. Tiny groups to 1000’s! 

We pride ourselves on doing what is necessary for our clients, so we’ll move mountains to get your event done. Contact us now and we’ll do everything we can to make your event come to life.

Yes. Elixir is a California ABC licensed beverage caterer and able to legally provide alcohol to events throughout California. For events outside of California we work with local partners that meet all of our legal needs.

Yes. We provide hourly bartender services where our expert bartender shows up with their tools and any other items you may need (on an “a la carte” rental basis). One of our Event Planners will help you with all of the details.

Yes! We will work with your chosen venue to provide our services with their ingredients, equipment and team. We build a needs list, coordinate with them on timing and delivery and pull the whole plan together. Elixir To Go goes anywhere!

We can serve your event however you prefer. We can give you a full-service proposal where we provide everything, or an “a la carte” proposal including: bartending and other labor services by the hour, equipment rentals (bars, tables, glassware, etc.), food catering and more. Talk to your Event Planner about these details and we’ll fit our services to your needs.

We will refund 50% of your deposit up to 72 hours before the beginning of the day of your event. Cancellations within 72 hours of the beginning of the day of your event will not be refunded.

We require a 100% deposit up front that is based on the minimum number of people you are committing to. You are welcome to bring additional people but you must let us know before the day of class so that we may set the classroom properly, have enough supplies and schedule a big enough team. The amount of that deposit is based on our tiered-pricing schedule, and you will be given a final invoice with a balance that reflects the total number of attendees based on our tiered schedule.

YES! We will work with you to accommodate your budget and your goals to make this the best experience it can be. Let us know what your parameters are and we will do our best to customize an offering that suits you.

Yes! We are fully licensed and insured to provide full-bar catering for all size and style events. We have a large portion of business dedicated to event catering. For example: we can supply bartenders to trade show booths to entertain and serve your clients. We also can help produce and plan larger scale events or partner with you to produce all of your events if needed.

Also, our classes are great for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other personal celebrations.

Contact: info@elxiirtogo.com for more information.

Yes! If you want to extend your time for socializing and have our instructors make more cocktails for your group, that can also be arranged for additional fees.

Standard pricing includes a set number of “hands on” cocktails included in each class. Shortening or lengthening your class time or adjusting the amount or recipe of the cocktails, will result in an adjustment of the per person charges, and is certainly available.

Yes, we can customize anything to your liking, but recipes should be able to stick to the core lessons to be taught.

Food is not included in a standard quote. Full meal or light catering options can be provided through our partners at an additional cost. We have preferred catering vendors and work with several awesome chefs and food trucks (that can park themselves at/around any venue)!

Class pricing is scaled based on the size of the group (8-10, 11-20, etc.). Pricing packages for each class are available in order to fit the varying budgetary and activity goals of our clients. Custom classes and additional travel expenses are all negotiable. You will be sent a price package for the class you chose.

Delivering a class to your locale or using one of our partner venues will incur an additional line item cost.

20% gratuity is included on all invoices.

We have several partnerships with local and regional venues that can accommodate classes of all sizes. We often partner with beautiful historic venues as well. We can also bring everything to you, set up in your designated room and haul it all away after. Lastly, we can deliver the service anywhere in the country for special events, conferences, trade shows, retreats, etc.

Yes, there are many concepts in mixology that can be covered with a delicious “mocktail”. Non-drinkers will especially appreciate this lesson as they look for delicious new ways to enjoy beverages. This should be specified when you book a class.